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The Office is closed until further notice following Government and Church of England guidance.




Will be immediately after the 10am service on Sunday 13th September. All are welcome to attend. If you are not already on the Electoral Roll and would like to be able to vote at the meeting, please contact Pete.


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Words from the Vicar


As we celebrate Harvest this week, we give thanks for the gifts we are given. I always remember seeing a quote at Eden in Cornwall about if you owned a fridge and had a job you were rich, it certainly puts everything in perspective in our world.


The best thing that can happen to our new Foodshare in Burnham is that it closes. Why, because it means that no one now needs food. But sadly with so many people losing their jobs due to Covid we will be seeing an increase in people attending Foodshare, needing the help and support that it offers. We often all need help and support at some point in our lives.


Foodshare is a sign that really means that the world is not as God intended. When people are hungry and thirsty it means that something is wrong. Foodshare means that we are called to be sharing people, and generous in that. This is the sign of the Gospel that we are called to be Christ hands in our world today in practical things as we help to support and care for each other.


As a congregation supporting Care and Share in Burnham we are always looking for others who see this as their ministry, helping others and getting out there in the community. It means with others you would be packing food in bags, meeting the clients who come in and listening to them.


So if you can give two hours of your time even if it’s only once a month, then please contact Revd Janet or Samson our Curate.


BIBLE STUDY from a Vicar who believes in Christ’s body here on earth, who enjoys to play and pray, laugh and cry, love and learn together in faith.


We now meet in Cornerstone on Tuesdays at 7.30 pm for a socially-distanced discussion


Week 23

Read Acts of the Apostles 14

Read it through 2 times and reflect with the questions, what did you hear, see, say and do?


Paul and Barnabas are now in Iconium and again the Gospel is rejected. This is the only place that Paul and Barnabas are called Apostles. In fact in the Greek transcript it does not include the word Apostle.

  • Paul and Barnabas get wind of a plot against them and they leave Iconium. In your own experience, how do you know when to hold your ground, and when the battle is not worth pursuing?


Paul and Barnabas leave Iconium and end up in Lystra and Derbe.


  • We learn of Paul healing, so how do the people of Lystra misunderstand the miracle that they witnessed?
  • Have you because of your faith and the message that you have shared, ever been in a position where others misunderstand what they have seen or heard?
  • Paul shares the good news very different to how he did in Antioch. In what situations is it valid to share the good news differently in different situations to different people?


Paul has more success in Derbe, but then returns to the towns that tried to kill him.


They encourage new Christians in the faith and create leaders in their communities. It is through many persecutions that we must enter the Kingdom of God.


  • What do we think about what Paul is saying here, is it relevant to us today?
  • How do you encourage new Christians?


When they returned, they tell the church in Antioch all that had taken place.


  • When have you felt the grace of God in your ministry?




We would like to offer support to our parishioners. Although we will not be able to have face-to-face contact , we can still offer offer pastoral care, prayer and practical help- shopping, prescriptions etc.


We are trying to stay in touch with all those who left their information, however we do not have everyone’s details.


Please send you email and /or telephone number to or contact the vicar or the churchwardens


  • Reverend Janet 07856 047960
  • Pam Rogers 07800 801388
  • Pete Lewis  07956 304633




Keep us, good Lord, under the shadow of your mercy.

Sustain and support the anxious,

be with those who care for the sick,

and lift up all who are brought low;

that we may find comfort knowing that nothing can separate us from your love

in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen


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