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We spent a lovely holiday when our son was young at Marizion in Cornwall and I would walk across to St Michael’s mount every day. It felt like walking on water, especially as the tide started to come in and you were only halfway coming back to the mainland. And suddenly fear takes over as you realise it is getting deeper and deeper. My fear was not being able to see what my feet were standing on and if I would step over the side of the causeway into the sea.


The disciples in the boat see a ghost like figure walking across the sea, they must have been terrified this figure was walking on water. And yet why is it that more people today seem attracted to chasing ghosts, than Jesus, we only have to look at the TV to see that.

But what if God, that great I AM, is even more terrifying for them. What if Jesus represents something that is actually more terrifying than chasing ghosts?


I think we all love Peter here as he is the only disciple to get out the boat and attempt to walk over to Jesus. This is so brave, but suddenly, Peter loses his adrenaline, he gets distracted, he loses trust, faith and love all those things that made him walk on water and he shouts for help.

Lord save me…


Maybe that is clue sometimes we don’t know how to call Jesus for help until we are sinking under the waves of life. What if Jesus is calling you out of boat and yet really you would rather stay in it chasing the ghosts of your past, present and future, that cloud the image of Christ for you. What if faith, hope and love are too scary and demanding for you to contemplate?


Until you get out of the boat to walk towards Jesus, you can never get back into boat with him. So be brave, do not fear and take one step at a time on that deep water of life.


PEWSHEET BIBLE STUDY from a Vicar who believes in Christ’s body here on earth, who enjoys to play and pray, laugh and cry, love and learn together in faith.


Week 17

Read Acts of the Apostles 10: 1-33


Read it through 3 times and reflect with the questions, what did you hear, see, say and do?


This is the story of the conversion of Cornelius and the church’s acceptance of this is shown in great detail, as it signals the opening of the mission to the Gentiles.


Cornelius was a centurion, middle ranking Roman military officer with a 100 mean under him. He had been posted to Caesarea a key port. As head of a household he establishes the religious practices of the extended household and servants/slaves. He is described as one with piety, fearing God. 3pm was a time for prayer.


  • What is the message to Cornelius?


In Leviticus 11 there is a whole range of products that Jews were forbidden to eat.


Peter stayed with Simon the Tanna, a Tanna converts skins to leather, and they were regarded as unclean. This could be a sign of openness to the Gentiles.


  • If God spoke to Cornelius why didn’t he communicate the Gospel straight to him?
  • Why do you think he had Peter and several other believers travel from Joppa to Caesarea to meet with Cornelius and his household face to face?


Cornelius falls at Peter’s feet and worships him, this was have been very unusual behaviour for a Roman officer.


  • Some believe this story suggests that all religions lead to God or even that all religions are basically the same. What evidence is there in this that neither Cornelius nor Peter would agree with such a viewpoint?
  • In what ways might you or our church need to experience humility for the sake of the gospel?




We would like to offer support to our parishioners. Although we will not be able to have face-to-face contact , we can still offer offer pastoral care, prayer and practical help- shopping, prescriptions etc.


We are trying to stay in touch with all those who left their information, however we do not have everyone’s details.


Please send you email and /or telephone number to or contact the vicar or the churchwardens


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Keep us, good Lord, under the shadow of your mercy.

Sustain and support the anxious,

be with those who care for the sick,

and lift up all who are brought low;

that we may find comfort knowing that nothing can separate us from your love

in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen


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