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St Peter's carol window ramble


As of today (the start of Advent - 1st December), windows around the parish of St Peter's will be decorated with a carol. All you have to do is visit the relevant addresses and guess which window is which carol then enter your completed list before Christmas Day to be in with a change to win a prize.


Download the competition details


Details of services


Please visit our Services page for service details.


Advent Trail


The advent trail starts on 1st December and if you have signed up for a window please ensure you are ready for this day!


Please come back to this page or the Facebook group to download the list of addresses on Tuesday.


Words from the Vicar


As we enter this season of Advent, Lord we ask for your grace that we may prepare, not rushing through it, but walking slowly, reflecting and preparing ourselves for your coming.


You challenge us this Advent time This season of preparation To put aside our pride And understand our need For repentance Forgiveness and mercy Less of self, more of you Preparation for our journey To the stable and beyond Purify our hearts, Sanctify our lives That we might serve you Faithfully this day and all days. Amen


If you knew...


What if you knew you had only one month left in your life? Would you finish up important matters at work? Would you travel to a place you always wanted to go? Would you pray more, go to church more, do that generous act you always wanted to do for others? Would you find ways to leave a mark on the world? Would you reconcile a fractured friendship?


By answering yes to one or more of these possibilities, we indicate that in our last days we would be better stewards of all the things God has given us in this life -- better than we are now. In the intensity of last days, we would live better, be better. We would be more generous, more focused on the most important things in life.


The question is: Why do we need to be under threat of death to be better stewards?


-Mary W. Anderson, Christian Century, 11/1/93


BIBLE STUDY from a Vicar who believes in Christ’s body here on earth, who enjoys to play and pray, laugh and cry, love and learn together in faith.


We now meet on Zoom. If you would like to join us, please contact or Revd Janet


Week 33

Read Acts of the Apostles 21:1-36


Read it through twice and reflect with the questions, what did you hear, see, say and do?


The Holy Spirit is telling Paul not to go to Jerusalem, and Paul is making it very clear that his vocation is to Jerusalem.


  • How do you reconcile this?
  • And do you need to?


Sometimes the Holy Spirit gives people enough information to know what is likely what is to happen, but leaves them with the responsibility of deciding whether or not they should go or do what is required.


Paul’s friends in Caesarea eventually accepts his decision to go to Jerusalem and said May the Lord’s will be done, echoing Jesus’ words in the Lord’s prayer and in Gethsemane.


  • What is happening in your life that you might say…May the Lord’s will be done?


Paul arrives in Jerusalem and is warmly welcomed by the disciples. But Paul comes with a lot of baggage. So far his journey there has been…..riots in Antioch, stoning in Lystra, beatings in Philippi, riot in Thessalonica, he was run out of the town of Berea and taken to court and endured violence in Corinth. The leaders of the church maybe know what to expect when Paul arrives.


  • When have you seen the gospel cause conflict?


James the brother of Jesus is now leader of the church. Paul shares with them his ministry, but finds himself in conflict with the Jewish Christians.


  • How does Paul respond to their concerns and what do you think motivates him?


The Church in Jerusalem are with an all or nothing approach. Either you are in or out.


Luke reminds his readers that Gentile Christians (v25) were only liable to a fraction of the law. Paul finds himself in conflict with Jewish

Christians, but it is the Jews from Asia that really stir up the crowd.


  • The Temple was divided between Jews and Gentiles, so what did the Jews think that Paul had done wrong?
  • A Gentile who went beyond the temple outer court was liable to death…Where do we see these kind of practices today?


Tribunes in the Roman army were often young men on their way up the ladder politically and perhaps socially. But nothing have prepared this Tribune for the ways of Jewish political life. The Tribune would have been in charge of the guard of the Antonia fortress, which the Romans had built overlooking the Temple.


Just so they could keep an eye on everything. It was a miracle that Paul survived, because before a guard could get down the stairs they would probably have been killed. This was the last time that Paul would set foot in the Temple as the gates were closed behind him. In 15 years, the temple would be destroyed never to be built again.


Paul was carried out by the soldiers and prepares to defend himself. Some may call him stupid, some arrogant, some a man of true and courageous faith.


  • How do you view Paul?


  • Read Acts of the Apostles 20: 1-38
  • Read it through twice and reflect with the questions, what did you hear, see, say and do?




We would like to offer support to our parishioners. Although we will not be able to have face-to-face contact , we can still offer offer pastoral care, prayer and practical help- shopping, prescriptions etc.


We are trying to stay in touch with all those who left their information, however we do not have everyone’s details.


Please send you email and /or telephone number to or contact the vicar or the churchwardens


  • Reverend Janet 07856 047960
  • Pam Rogers 07800 801388
  • Pete Lewis  07956 304633




Keep us, good Lord, under the shadow of your mercy.

Sustain and support the anxious,

be with those who care for the sick,

and lift up all who are brought low;

that we may find comfort knowing that nothing can separate us from your love

in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen


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