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This project is part of our pastoral care ministry of visiting sick and housebound people.  Starting in September 2011 having taken part in an 'active listening'  course, learning techniques in helping people to offload their concerns, a team of 9 people are now 'listeners' working on a rota.. The Pastoral Care Team set up this confidential Listening Ears service and monitor its progress.  Listeners can be contacted by ringing or calling in to the parish office in Cornerstone. We would hope to respond very quickly . All have been CRB checked, and signed a confidentially agreement.


We have useful numbers to offer help to people, a prayer book to help in offering prayers, and a box of tissues! While definitely not counsellors, we hope to act as a sounding board for those with concerns- especially in the difficult times we live in now- and to offer information about those who can help practically.


We also offer a sympathetic ear to those who are recently bereaved or lonely. If you call Cornerstone at the number given, leave your name and number and someone will contact you.  Alternatively ask the minister who conducted your family/friend's funeral to contact the Listening Team.


In this we hope to show the love of Christ in action. Contact can be made through email via or by ringing Cornerstone on 01628 664338.



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